Hey Little!

It’s me – one of the “Bigs”. You’ll be seeing a lot of the two of us over the course of your lifetime. I was told by many to write things down for you to look over later in life, and I think it’s a good idea. If you would only stop pooping for 20 minutes I’d be able to physically write things in a book for you to carry and have. However, since that’s not an option, this will have to do for now. Maybe someday, I’ll print these out, paste them into the journal I set aside for writing stuff down for you, and then you can have that physical copy.

Or, I can just wait 10 years, and have it all put on a USB drive that can be plugged directly into your brain, since that’s the way technology is going.

Here are a few things that you should know, right off the bat while I’m thinking about it.

Know there are things that we’ll say that will piss you off, but know that there is (often) a good reason for it.

Know that we grew up in a pre-9/11 world, and you have to live in a post-9/11 world, so there will be some differences in perceptions.

Know that both of your Bigs are of northern European descent, so please wear sunscreen, or a fashionable hat to protect yourself.

Wear it.

Know that no matter what kind of hair type you have, you’ll hate it, and everyone around you will love it. For instance, your dad has stick straight blonde hair. I have really curly brown (going grey) hair. You will have one of three options:

– My hair: If you get this hair type, regular brushes won’t work, and you’ll be able to tell the humidity percentage by what’s happening on your head with more accuracy than the local meteorologist. But, it has a personality all on it’s own, and with a bandana, you can just get up and go. People will kill for your hair, but you will hate it.
– Your dads hair: If you get this hair type, you can get some pretty fantastic hair cuts that are funky, cool, and whatever the style is, you’ll still hate it because it won’t hold a curl. It will be “boring”. I’ll tell you as a curly – I love your dad’s hair and am envious of anyone that can rock a hairstyle like the one below. But, if you get this hair type, you will totally hate it. 

Pink is a pop/rock star of our time. This will be TOTALLY dated by the time you get into music. But, she’s one of the few pop stars that I really like. She’s poppy, marches to her own drummer, wears her heart on her sleeve and swears a lot.
But, you’re not allowed to swear until you’re 18.

-A median hair, called wavy. No one likes this type of hair, and I apologize if you get this type. I try not to speak for your dad, but I think he’d be on board with this, too. Sorry. 

Know that every parent says they will do things differently than their parents before them. I am no different, and if you have kids, you will swear the same.

Know that we’re trying our best. There are thousands of parenting books and blogs, and no one has all the answers. The only books I read were to get you OUT, and I forgot to read books on what to do once you were here. That being said, we’re doing our best, and will continue to do our best.

Know that we’ll be wrong. Often. We might not even know we were wrong until you end up in therapy in 2033. Our parents did things that now we’d look back and say were wrong, but we know they did their best. We are the people we are because of the choices our parents made for us, and when we were older, the choices that we got to make for ourselves built on the foundation that our parents set up for us. You will follow in that path the same as every human before you, and every human after you.

Know that you are living in a world full of technology. Wikipedia, though useful, is not something that you should use as a source for homework and reports. Know your sources, and use your brain. If technology shuts down, power goes out, or you move to a country that is behind in the times, you need to use your brain and fend for yourself. Our goal is to get you to think both inside and outside of the box, and to be able to teach you that technology is a great supplement, but never a replacement for your brain.

Know that this is the beginning of life. Some days will totally suck. Other days will be awesome. Age 12-19 aren’t the best, and you’ll get pimples. You’ll have friends you can depend on, parents you can depend on. Some days you will hate us. Some days, we’ll be your best friend. Keep in mind that these are just days in the life, and the next day is a new day to start over.

Know that acne doesn’t go away with adolescence. I wish my 5th grade teacher told me that. In fact, I have one now and I’m 31. It’s better you know that going in, than to find out later.

So that’s my first post to you. Good luck – we’re in this together, Little.