Hi Little –

One day I will tell you about your first birthday party when I hijacked it and had to go to the ER after falling down one step at the playground. It’s humorous to me that your friends were all falling down, climbing on things, jumping around – and I took one misstep and had to go to the hospital. Enjoy your youth, Little. When you get to be our age (which to you seems ANCIENT, but to me, doesn’t seem that old until I do something stupid like having to go to the hospital for falling at the little kids playground), you won’t bounce back the same way you used to.

You loved hanging out with all of your friends, eating paper, eating cupcakes, and making noise. All in all, you’re doing everything right. It’s been an amazing year. You are loved, not just by us, but by all of your friends and family.

Also, you seem to still have red hair, so keep that going if you could 🙂


I love you.