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Hi Little!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written! A big part of that is due to you being significantly more mobile in the last 9 months, and when you go down for a nap, I’m just too busy tidying up after “Hurricane Aislyn”.

At our 18 month check up with the pediatrician, she suggested we start you in a program called Early Intervention because you had a speech delay. At least, you did on paper. The EI staff conducted an assessment (similar to the study you are conducting at Boston Children’s Hospital to help kids with autism) and both assessments came back with interesting results.

They both stated that your comprehension of language is equal to a 30 month old, so in that regard, you are wise beyond your….year. However, your ability to produce language was closer to a 14 month old child. Your dad and I didn’t think this was a problem, per se, but Massachusetts does offer a free program that brings a specialist into the home to work on motor skills, language, or other delays. It took one week working with Kim at EI for you to start saying words consistently, including “Say-See” (Sadie), “Doggie”, “Keekee” (kitty), Mommy, Daddy, Crackah (because, you are from New England. Anywhere else, it would be a ‘cracker’).

You said “Daddy” pretty consistently from the get-go. For a week, you called me “cracker”, which I’m not sure was because you were being offensive, or just thought I was the person who brought you delicious, crunchy snacks. Eventually, you stopped calling me cracker, and started calling me “Mommy”, which melted my heart. My heart does have a limit on melting, and that ends when I’m sitting on the toilet, and you are outside the door yelling “Mommy”.

This month was where the real funny mispronunciation started in earnest. Last week, you yelled “Ho” to the 80-year-old Italian widow who lives next door. The poor thing was just trying to water her plants, and though you were thrilled she had a HOSE, you just can’t quite get out the “S” sound consistently enough in words other than “Say-see”. You said it loud, proud, and repeatedly.

The real crowning achievement of my parenting was when you correctly identified a fox on Tante Eva’s refrigerator. You incorrectly pronounced it “fuck”. Over, over, over and over again, you happily ran around the living room during the German World Cup game on the 4th of July. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck! Wheeee! Fly fuck!” Of course, you were reinforced greatly for unlocking this achievement because 8 adults started laughing at you and encouraging you to say “fox”, which you still can’t say, which is hilarious.

You love that fox. We love the video of you identifying your “fox”.

Related, “park” also sounds like your word for “fox” because you substitute P’s for F’s, and you can’t pronounce your R’s, but again, you’re in Boston so dropping R’s isn’t entirely surprising.

We’ll keep working on that. I’m saving the fox video for future dating partners.