Dear Little –

Yesterday, we went took advantage of the Museum of Science membership we got earlier this year. When I was a kid, I remember taking a field trip from Maine to the MOS – or maybe it was a family trip? Aside from the wall that “freezes” a shadow on the wall and the colored wall that turns shadows the primary colors, I can’t tell you anything else about the trip. (These exhibits are still here which is pretty cool.)


You, 2017, with the wall I remember from the 1980’s.


We couldn’t do stuff like this often when we were kids because funding was tight, and a trip to Boston just wasn’t in the cards for us. I remember the one time we did get to go, it was a special event and an amazing time – but I don’t remember much about it. So now that I live in Boston with your dad and we are so close to the museum, I jumped at the opportunity to get you a membership so we can go whenever you want.

Which is often 🙂

Yesterday we went and there is a new permanent exhibit.


big and little

Particle Mirror at the Museum of Science. You were here for an HOUR as different groups came and left.



Displaying signal-2017-07-11-110132.jpg

Little Kids and Grown Adults playing with varying particles on a screen that respond to “touch” or movement from participants several feet away.


Kiddo, you loved this exhibit.

I loved this exhibit.

There isn’t much more to document here except as you are nearing 5, it’s interesting to see the things you love. We still HAVE to say hi to Cliff every time we’re at the museum which I think is adorable.



Saying hi to your friend, Cliff.


Always be curious.

I mean, not conspiracy-theory-lack-of-evidence curious.  To head this off, the world is spherical. Climate change is real. People did not exist with dinosaurs. Vaccines do not cause autism (

Curious – how are fossils made? Why does bread always land peanut butter side down? What separates those who quit in season 2 Twin Peaks from those who pushed through (for me it was Special Agent Dale Cooper, and the promise of, “It’ll suck for a bit but get better”. Everyone is different.) How does this funky particle mirror WORK?

I love how 4 is wrapping up. You’re my favorite tiny person on the planet. Looking forward to what 5 brings in just a few short weeks.

Love, Mom.