Hey, Bunny,

This morning, you were emphatic that your oakmeal was too hot.

No. Not a typo. This is how you say “oatmeal.”
Oak. Meal.

And you get really upset if we try to correct you.

There are a series of words that I will be sad to see disappear as you get older.

  • Oakmeal
  • Boo Boo Hat (Band-aid)
  • Acewyn (your name when you introduce yourself to friends)
  • Runnnnnnniiiiiiinggggggg (this one has gone extinct. You just say “running” like a normal person now.)
  • Erf (as in, Earth to Daddy!)
  • Wuv (Captain Wuv)
  • Cah (though, you DO live in Boston, so you might always pronounce car in this manner.)
  • Puppy (though not because you pronounce her name in a funny manner. You have her with you wherever you go and someday, that won’t be the case. You’ll be fine. I’ll be a wreck.)

So when you’re 14, please don’t roll your eyes at me when I ask if you need a boo-boo hat.