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Dear Little,

Last year, I wanted nothing more than to take you swimming. My goal was to teach you over the summer.

And then, I fell and this is what I got to wear all summer.


green cast

Seriously. Knocked over on Mother’s Day. Thanks, Captain!


(Not to be outdone, you broke your thumb falling out of bed a few months later. Apple…Tree. )


broken thumb

Awww! Baby’s first x-ray!


Anyway, so last summer was a bust for swimming lessons. But THIS year, free lessons at the local pool, the one we can walk to. So we joined a class with your friend, Zoe, who is a year younger than you. Zoe has taken the class before. You have not. And while I love that you are fearless and enthusiastic about swimming, you did not have the skills to keep up with the young lady to your right who kept “diving under” and swimming across the pool unassisted.

Overcome by your own enthusiasm and how easy it looked, you let go of the wall and…

immediately started to sink like a stone.

I jumped in (yes, wearing a bathing-suit, but also a dress, baseball hat, sunglasses, etc).

Sputtering, you looked at me and said, “Can I do that again?”

It was about this time the instructor realized that maybe, just maybe, you should have a flotation device, because while you are “4 and 11/12” (a running joke because your daddy works with numbers) you look like a 6-year-old — with confidence. So I can see why they put you in the category of “she’s got this.”

It’s going to be a long 10 lessons.