Hey Little,

Hard not to be absolutely crushed today. In a week where rights for women started to feel a stranglehold from the Supreme Court and the Court also agreed that banning people from specific countries was lawful, the swing vote has just announced his retirement.

While that might not seem like a big deal, it really is.

If in your lifetime it’s harder for you to get healthcare as an American, or specifically as a woman, I’m sorry. We did this to you.

If in your lifetime a friend of yours is deported in the middle of the night because of ICE, I’m so sorry. We voted this for you.

If in your lifetime you have to get a mammogram at 26 because our family history, like I did, and insurance won’t cover it, I’m sorry. We voted this for you by putting people in charge who care more about corporations instead of health. (I write as I’m on the phone inquiring about a mammogram bill that will not be covered by insurance because suddenly we’re not covered anymore).

If in your lifetime you have friends who are bullied because they wear certain religious coverings, dress differently, or have an accent, I’m sorry. We’ve normalized that for you and your friends.

I’d like to think that we’re better than this. Clearly, we are not. Your country isn’t what it’s supposed to be. With liberty and justice for all…(*)

Maybe someday that will be true and this will be over and you won’t have to worry about in your lifetime. But until then, you will go with me to vote in every election, midterm and primary – and I won’t stop voting for you, your friends, or your future.