Dear Little,

Last night during dinner, you introduced your dad to the word “chrysalides.” You explained that this was the plural of the word, chrysalis.

I seconded your assertion because that’s what I learned with all your paperwork, notes back from the teacher, and school projects when you guys did a few weeks on the butterfly life-cycle. It was a word that I had never heard before this year and thought it was cool.

Then the following exchange occurred:

A: “Mommy? What was the word you had a kid for many chrysalis?”

M: “I think we used the word chrysalises.”

A: “But, it’s wrong.”

M: “Apparently, and now  we know that.”

A: “Daddy? What did you call it?”

D: “I think I also would have  called it chrysalises.”

A: “So, your teachers didn’t teach you that word when you were kids?”

D: “No, kiddo. I don’t think they did.”

M: “Or, it’s been so long since we were kids that we forgot.”

A: “Well, I’m never going to forget that word.”

3 seconds later:

A: “Hey, Mom? This pasta looks like chrysalises!”

Never forget, kiddo.

Never forget.