This is a collection of photos of your summer so far because we’ve been busy and I want you to see some of what you’ve done.

You “met” Andre the Seal with your cousin, Liberty, and decided he was dead that you both had to be devastated by his passing over 40 years ago in Rockport Harbor:

Helping your little friend, Mae, cross the street, talking to her the whole way to our place. Then you gave her all your old Dupolo Legos. I’m proud that you became a good “big friend” to a tiny human.

You went to the DeCordova statue museum and wanted to dance just like this statue. So you did:

And, went to BodyWorlds. This image is of the blood vessels surrounding a human head, the bones, fascia, skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are all gone. You were OBSESSED with this piece. Though, given the photos so far, this is the only hoodie you are evidently going to wear this summer:

We set up the hammock, and you read an old favorite:

You hung out in your favorite exhibit at the Museum of Science after being totally overwhelmed by kids groups:

Helped in your first presentation at the MSPCA (kids and dogs!)  This is you and Aron, the training coordinator’s son who helped you get over your nervousness in front of people. When you were scared and held on to my leg while I was trying to talk to a room of people, he came over, sat with you, and you both just hung out, independently, together.

That is, until the presentation was over and you both became legitimately feral. I’m ok with this. You guys were awesome.

Read “Rebel Girls” and researched Helen Keller and Sonita Alizadeh (If you don’t remember either, look them up now.) We spent the afternoon looking up sign language interpreters, including the woman who created a more realistic signing experience for deaf people at concerts like Snoop Dogg, Red Hot Chili Peppers…never mind, these are super outdated. Rock and rap concerts.

The other was about child marriage in Afghanistan. Yous said, “Her rap is sad. I don’t’ understand her words, but she’s sad. I know there are girls who can’t use their voice. I want to do something to help them.”

Attagirl. Just remember you can always use your voice to say something is wrong – but never help AT someone. Always help WITH someone of that community explaining to you what you can do to be a good ally.

We also got ice cream at Gracie’s in Union Square (Somerville).

We are only halfway through your summer, but I wanted to put some things here for you to hopefully recall later 🙂


Love, Mama