Kiddo, this is so cool.

You got to handle a working bomb detection dog tonight.

We learned that Bomb detection dogs are trained (currently – the number is rising) on 19,000 odors. I don’t know 19,000 words let alone be able to identify that number of smells. 

We also watched a lot of explosion videos, including this explosive spin on the holiday spirit:

I didn’t know these dogs aren’t just proactive (sweeps before the Superbowl, airport luggage searches or when there is a weird package left at the Somerville Train Station), but also are critical in helping after an explosion with evidence collection. For instance, bomb detection dogs went in after the Boston Marathon bombing to help piece together what happened, what had explosive material on it, what didn’t, etc.

These dogs are amazing, and I’m so thankful that Sgt. Viera and Figaro are out there keeping us safe…

ace fig pose

…and that you trusted her enough to do something you’d normally find scary: Talk to and engage with a complete stranger. You later said, “She was a police officer, so I felt safe, and I really wanted to work with Figaro. Those two things helped. Plus you and Nina were right there. I felt brave.”

This is a huge victory, and I’m so happy.  But, something tells me that for you, like me, with Dog, all things are possible.

ace and figaro