Didn’t Expect That: Unexpected Things While Expecting

I wanted so badly to get pregnant. I had friends that glowed with pregnancy, loved being pregnant, and embraced all the physical changes their bodies made in preparation for bringing new life into the world.

It didn’t take long for us to get pregnant, and shortly thereafter, I discovered I was not going to be one of those sunshine and rainbows pregnant ladies. I hated it. I was sick for 5 and a half months, I threw up everything, and I was told by a couple of medical professionals that my tailbone would likely break in childbirth due to an old injury I had in college.

Oh joy. As if squeezing a 7 -10 pound living being out of your delicate lady bits wasn’t bad enough….

So I documented, as best as I could, the honesty and hilarity of being pregnant when you don’t love being pregnant at Didn’t Expect That:Unexpected Things While Expecting.  Everything from “holy shit, they MAKE THAT?!?”  to what the first kicks felt like (I can’t wait to tell Little that I thought she was left over effects of a burrito), to the things I really wish someone had told be BEFORE I got pregnant.

Oddly, labor was fine (after the epidural), and being a mom has been fantastic.

There are only 30 posts over at Didn’t Expect That, starting with the big announcement to my family. There are no “here’s what I look like at 20 weeks” (no offense to those who document things in that way), or the other obligatory discussion points. I didn’t document every little thing, nor will I do so in Letters to Little. I really just put in some of the basics of being preggo, and things that I wanted to remember without the saccharin. But if you want a quick and dirty on how pregnancy can go without the saccharine, there it is.

I hope it can help someone – even if it’s just passing on that Gummy Prenatals are the way to go and that taste aversions don’t always mean food. For me, it was toothpaste, which made things really awkward.

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